A Week In Film #036: Underweight

Class title screen

Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe are friends from different ends of the social spectrum in this Brat Pack retread of The Graduate played against the backdrop of a poncey private school, with Jacqueline Bisset as a bored WASP MILF. Nothing of note.

The Day After title screen

The Day After
American when-the-bomb-drops pre/post-apocalyptic TVM, not exactly Threads or The War Game, but it’s alright.

The Fix title screen

The Fix
Tight little TVM about the 1964 betting scandal which saw a number of professional footballers disgraced, efficiently directed by a pre-Hollywood Paul Greengrass, with effective performances from Jason Isaacs and Steve Coogan.

The Knowledge title screen

The Knowledge
Sweet little TVM about a group of misfits studying to become London cabbies, written by Jack Rosenthal, with Mick Ford, Kim Taylforth (sister of Gillian) and Nigel Hawthorne most notable.

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