A Week In Film #014: This Is Not A RomCom, Darling (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Is Paris Burning? title screen

Is Paris Burning?
Different French Resistance factions prepare for liberation.

The Long Riders title screen

The Long Riders
Walter Hill ‘does’ the Younger-James gang with high concept use of thespy brothers (the Carradines, Quaids, Keaches and Guests) to play various sets of real-life brothers and cousins.

The Happening title screen

The Happening
Insanely bad M Night Shyamalan biohorrortwistthriller watched purely for Graham Linehan’s BadMovieClub. Bees, pipes in walls, cars that appear from nowhere, a planet that fights back. Zooey Deschanel looks permanently stoned on tranquilisers, Marky Mark displays the acting chops that made him an international underwear modelling superstar. Pretty much nothing of interest happens in The Happening, BTW.

Revolutionary Road title screen

Revolutionary Road
DiCaprio and Winslet, reunited at last! In a portrait of the drawn out death of a relationship in early 60s American suburbia! With added botched home-abortion ending! The Valentine’s date movie to end them all.

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