A Week In Film #003: November’s End

The People Under The Stairs
Wes Craven, child abuse, anti-capitalism, a scary old house, crazy people, near-zombies, gimp masks, firearms, killer hounds… Great stuff.

The Last Seduction title screen
The Last Seduction
Linda Fiorentino was robbed! John Dahl’s nasty, sexy, funny neo-noir, with LF stitching up crappy husband Bill Pullman over a ‘onetime’ coke deal, and then bewitching confused smalltown pilgrim Peter Berg. JT Walsh is aces as a venal attorney we only ever encounter over the phone, too.

Ordinary Decent Criminal title screen
Ordinary Decent Criminal
Thaddeus O’ Sullivan’s oddly-cast analogue of Dublin robber Martin Cahill (as the LLF pointed out, couldn’t they find any Irish actors? Even an early-in-his-career Colin Farrell sounds like he’s doing an accent). It’s breezy and fun, though. And Linda Fiorentino’s in it also.

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